< Foro Bonaparte, 16/A

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    Foro Bonaparte, 16/A

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    Milano, Italia

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    Cliente privato

Project Detail

The residential complex stands out as a significant regeneration intervention in the center of Milan, consisting of a rare case of new construction within the historic center. Modern class A housing has taken the place of an old garage.
The shape of the lot allowed to deal with the theme of the angle, solved in a harmonious way with curvilinear shapes. Meanwhile, in height the eight floors above ground are characterized by homogeneous setbacks that generate large terraces.
Inspired by the architecture of the great Milanese masters and in conjunction with the close building of Pietro Lingeri, the project reworks in a contemporary way criteria, values and specificity of Milanese architecture, trying to offer a contemporary model of sober elegance, thanks to the choice and careful use of materials and finishes, as well as a precise certification to the two contiguous buildings of Via Sacchi and Via Landolfo.
The choice of mirroring down to the ground is determined by the will to relate with the surrounding space, which finds its apex towards the tower of Filarete.