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The intervention is located on a fundamental access arterial road in the most central area of ​​the city of Verona. Old storehouses, abandoned warehouses and the remains of abandoned businesses constitute the decaying landscape of this avenue, by now perceived by the population only as an "axis" along which to transit. 


The project aims to re-generate such a degraded area, an urban wound a few hundred meters from the city centre. 

A shopping complex stands at the foot of the building, as the foundation for the cinema multiplex above, with rooms sized to accommodate a smaller audience but in a more comfortable way.

The natural slope of the rooms has become a creative engine to think about a concave open space above. 

The entire complex has an elliptical shape strongly inspired by the Arena of Verona, not only as a symbol of the city, but also because the project's ambition is to create a new entertainment centre and a new space for events. 

Specifically, the roof, an open space but covered by curtains, becomes a multifunctional place suitable for hosting outdoor film screenings, concerts, DJ sets and public events related to the nearby Verona fair.

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