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The "skytape" building project is the result of the union of ideas developed with an enlightened and "visionary" entrepreneur.

Skytape allowed us to express, in certain positions within the context in Milan, Chicago, New York and Frankfurt, values that transcend the usual architectural references.

Receiving the energy from the ground, its history and the real, the building wants to convey this value and join it to the energy from the "upper level" that comes from above. In doing so, the work of man becomes that intermediate "bearing" that foresees its use.

Therefore, in the exchange between the energy of Earth and Heaven, the work of man is placed sensibly. A spiritual approach that seeks to trace the "soul" of the building, thus giving the vital yearning to the three-dimensional mass.

Incorporating the projection of the future too, were previewed landing platforms for drones, but also electric convertiplane. In addition, the buildings, positioned at strategic points, allowed, through the placement of digital displays, to manage communication content.

In preview also on the times the mixed use of spaces and coworking.

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