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The redevelopment project in Angera concerns an old Cariplo property meant as a place of staff training. The project involves a transformation into a hotel (on the concept of ecohotel) integrated in a nature of lake type very valuable.

To enhance the relationship with the water and also its usability it is planned a channel that starts from the lake enters the accommodation facility.

On the banks of this channel the idea of a new sustainable way of living and absolutely integrated in the landscape has developed. Geothermal plant with also exchange with the water of the lake, and the "hypogeum" character of the structures guarantee a high level of eco-sustainability.

The concept of underground architecture is part of a conscious approach whose comfort is also the result of new technologies where there is a new concept in which it is the individual who respects his planet conforms to it.

The new lakeside becomes the element of connection and relationship with the water, thus also favoring the use of small boats directly from your home.

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