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Project part of the entire regeneration operation of the Corvetto district and in detail of the public spaces surrounding the building of Sile 8.

They have redesigned 4 streets surrounding the building of Sile 8, for a total transformation of 1,200 linear meters and 38,000 square meters of total area.

A regeneration of the public sphere of a significant portion of the district of Corvetto and then the city of Milan.

The routes affected by this renewal are: Sile, Gamboloita, Oglio, Mincio.

The design choices are common to these four areas and are characterized by roadway elevations ("castellane"), pedestrian areas with concrete slabs in light grey,

while the portions for vehicular transit are provided in asphalt draining with filling of grout (cement mortar) white: completely changes the urban aesthetic no longer characterized by black asphalt, in favor of a very clear color, also aimed at reducing the effect of "heat bubble".

There will be widespread planting of trees, in accordance with the presence of sub-services, creation of green flowerbeds with integrated seats.

For each area has also taken care of the new roads and signs.


Construction planned for 2022.

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