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Project makes up part of the entire regeneration process of the Corvetto district and is a detail of the public spaces surrounding the Sile 8 building


The space - now closed to citizens - is located in the centre of the lot that also houses the Sile 8 building, and it is thinked to be totally accessible and passable.

In fact, a real square is created inside the lot, which acts not only as a hinge and passage space for crossing, but also as a real space to spend time.

Benches, picnic areas, places to relax and open smart work areas also characterize this area.

Planting and the creation of widespread green flowerbeds are foreseen.

A blue synthetic carpet flooring identifies the space dedicated to fitness and sport. Here the blind wall of the municipal shed is equipped to allow games, including football, volleyball, tennis, basketball.


This space, now closed and isolated, becomes the fulcrum of the lot and one of the new points of attraction of the entire district.


Expected to be completed in 2022.

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