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The project makes part of the entire regeneration process of the Corvetto district, and particularly of the public spaces surrounding the Sile 8 building.


At the intersection of via Sile and via Polesine, the public space has been redesigned, in the current state of it there is a level parking area which is disqualifying both from a visual point of view and from the public use of the spaces.

The space has been completely redesigned and is intended as a pedestrian public space.

The location of the area acts as a hinge and sees a high number of people crossing it because of it's proximity to the Corvetto subway exit.

The project offers a space that can be easily and quickly crossed by pedestrians, but also provided with benches and spaces for standing.

The planting of trees and in general the placement of greenery takes place in specially designed tanks, as under this space there is underground parking.

The tubs for flower beds are complemented by benches.

The space is also characterized by the presence of a playground, which however is not traditionally understoodand built in an interclosed space but develops in a widespread way.

Coloured anti-shock rubber flooring identifies the play spaces, while the rest of the square is paved with light grey idrodrain concrete.

Expected to be completed in 2022.

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