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Can a building re-generate an entire district?

The project of this building, with 8 floors above ground and one underground, is a new example of an office architecture concept for the city of Milan.


The offices of the Municipality of Milan are located here, on an ex-industrial area of the Corvetto district, with approximately 25,000 square meters of offices. An A-class building with flexible spaces, large terraces and a green roof.


The square plan of 70 x 70 meters side expends around a large courtyard, recalling the traditional Milan-city building typology of courtyard houses. Further reference to traditional Milanese architecture are the long balconies revisited in a modern high-tech style, which characterize the internal courtyard.

To offer a better quality of space, each floor has large terraces of different shapes and sizes, located in the corners of the building. They generate a joke of solids and voids on the façade and constitute open but covered spaces in which to work or socialize.

The roof, which also hosts a runway for runners, marks the search for “other” spaces for municipal employees and gives the possibility of looking at the Milan landscape and the new skyline.


Photo by Davide Galli

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